Deja Vu

I’m doing it again. I can’t believe it. I am officially pathetic. I am watching The Bachelor. I apparently had a lobotomy at some point since the last season.

Beyond being the usual women, desperate enough to actually be on this show, this group of bachelorettes keeps talking about winning. The idea is to meet your soul mate, right? There is no actual prize that I am aware of. The bachelorettes aren’t crowned or anything, are they? Have they added a cash prize? Nope, I checked. The prize is just the schmoopy pilot guy.

Let’s face it; no one questioned it when Jillian kicked Jake to the curb last season. We all felt the same way she did (with the exception of these 25 gals). I mean, he is not bad to look at (the producers have made impossible to miss his abs), but sadly he speaks. And when Jake speaks I get a little queasy. Particularly when he reminds us that women always tell him he is too nice a guy. We get that he isn’t a bad boy, but no one wants an alter boy. And the motorcycle doesn’t give him an edge. With him on it somehow a Harley looks like a K car.

I haven’t dated in a while, but do most women cry when someone doesn’t call them for a second date? Because essentially that is what happened to the first episode’s eliminated bachelorettes, there was no second date. Several of these women wept over that fact. They cried because a virtual stranger rejected them and not after an actual date, but after a cattle call. This may prove beyond a reasonable doubt that women must be somewhat desperate or unbalanced or a nice mix of both to be on this show. For that matter, we, the (begrudgingly) loyal viewing audience, may actually fit in to our own version of that category.