Christmas – Its Really for the Kids

Brown and white short coated dog wearing gray and white santa hat

Santa brought Goose and Mike brand new fleece toys.

new toys

They were very excited and once they had traded toys several times with minimal growling, they set about to the real work of disemboweling their new toys. First, locate and remove all squeaking objects. Second, pull out all stuffing and separate limbs from torso. Lastly, diligently attempt to defleece the poor toys.


As we opened gifts the boys were given some good tasting treats to occupy them.

Mike finished his early and wanted to help open gifts.

for me

After the gifts were opened the boys engaged in a rousing game of tug of war with one of the sad fleece toys.

tug o war

By midday we had all hit the Christmas wall and it was time for a family nap.


It was clearly a very happy holiday.

Photo by Amber Aquart on Unsplash