Of Great Importance (or not)

It has been a while since I’ve unloaded on the Internet and well, I have some questions.

  • Do some drivers really believe that if they pretend to have no peripheral vision they are excused from letting other cars into their lane?

A message to said drivers: Just because you act as though you can’ t see me does not mean that I actually cease to exist. It does, however, make me want to ram my car into yours repeatedly. It is your good fortune that I think better of it because you are usually driving a late model Dodge and I am not. That, and I actually have limited impulse control.

  • Why would someone return a call from a random number on their caller id? Part 2: Why would you place said call without listening to the message the caller left?

I freely admit that if I don’t recognize a phone number, I will not answer the call. This applies to both my land line and my cell. I just figure that if the call is important, the caller will leave a message.

In the course of my job I have occasion to call many people for whom I have to leave a message. A fair number of these people call back and say Yeah, I just missed a call from this number? To begin with yeah is not a greeting, but that is a rant in and of itself. While I see how this might appear to be a time saving procedure for the caller, it is really a waste of time. If they had listened to the message that I just left they would know not only where the call had originated, but what the call was about. And more importantly, they would be prepared to respond accordingly. I just can’t imagine the circumstances that would prompt me call back a random number to see who had called me. If no message is left, I assume that the call was either a wrong number or from a solicitor, neither of which interest me at all.

  • While this is more statement than question, it is every bit as important as the previous questions (not at all, that is). I am so very relieved to have survived another season of The Bachelor and to not have to hear the following references/phrases ad nauseum until, of course, next season:
  1. The journey to find love. Seriously – blech! Enough with everyones’ journey already. Next season let’s use the word “quest”, OK? That way it will be abundantly clear that we are over inflating the importance of each contestant’s role in a dating show.
  2. Opening my heart or being open to love or conversely being closed off – What are you people, women or armoires?
  3. Falling forfalling in love and all variations of falling as well as any reference to soul mates or belonging to or with one another. You people just met and are spending time together in the least realistic environment ever. This, my poor delusional friends, is infatuation – not love. And are you at all familiar with this show? Less than 10% of these in love matches have lasted three months past the Final Rose. Your chances are better at a bar or at the car wash.

Thank you, I feel better, Carry on.