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Identity crisis

July 26th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Animals on my planet

Growing up we had a beagle named Max. Max came with my stepfather and had been his companion during his stint as a New York City cab driver, so I imagine it was a bit of a culture shock when out of nowhere this woman and her kid infiltrated his pack. Maybe pack isn’t the right word to use because, well, Max didn’t think he was a dog. He actually had quite an air of superiority toward other dogs. We are pretty sure that Max thought he was human. Don’t ask me how he explained the fur coat to himself.

Goose does not have that type of identity crisis. He knows he is a dog. The issue is Goose thinks I am a dog as well.

Sometimes this misconception manifests itself in really cute ways. Goose almost always sleeps with his head touching some part of my body. The other morning he curled up around my head and actually rested his little head across my neck and went back to sleep, much like the piling puppies do when they are new.

The problem arises when he tries to engage me in some kind of play as if I were another dog. When he is amped up, and Mike is out of reach, he will paw at me to get my attention. It isn’t a gentle action; it actually leaves marks and hurts. When I don’t react, he begins to whine and make all sorts of noises. If I still don’t engage, then the yelling begins. OK, technically I guess it is barking, but it sounds an awful lot like yelling to me. See for yourself:

I don’t know who is more frustrated in this clip, me because I don’t know what his deal is or Goose because he is being very articulate about his desires….. just in DOG.

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  • 1 Rebekah // Aug 1, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    What a fresh mouth. You gonna let him speak to you that way? Children – yeesh.

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