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Avatar left me a little blue

March 18th, 2010 · 1 Comment · Animals on my planet, Stuff

After much procrastination, Bob and I finally saw Avatar this weekend. We unintentionally waited long enough to avoid the crowds and in doing so limited the selection of theaters that were still showing it. There were only three theaters in the city that still had it in 3D and we had been told that we had too see it in 3D. We eventually saw it at an ICON Theater, which I want to highly recommend as a lovely customer experience from assigned seating, excellent popcorn and jet engines for hand dryers in the restrooms.

As you may have heard, it is a visually amazing film. The technology used in this film boggles the mind and the 3D effects are astounding. The creativity and imagination that conceived of a universe like Pandora is at once admirable and a little frightening.

While I totally enjoyed the story, it wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. It was kind of Dances with Wolves meets Lion King with a touch of Top Gun – in space. Fantastic futuristic land aside, it was all a little predictable. The bad guys were really bad, with no redeeming qualities at all and the good guys were pretty obviously good from the get go.

That being said, I really enjoyed the film, but I did run into a couple of unforeseen issues. The first of these issues is my fear of heights. The main characters spend almost all their time making their way from one moss covered tree limb to another moss covered tree limb waaay above the ground, in 3D. When they aren’t doing this balance beam act, they are flying on horse/bird animals waaay above the ground, in 3D. Did I mention that I can’t look out an airplane window? Yeah, there was excessive squirming and clammy palms.

I am not a big fan of violence nor do I react well when animals get hurt in movies. To add to my predisposition was the fact that the Navi tribe (the fictional space people in the film) based their spiritual beliefs on their connection to the earth and its creatures. So when the story line progressed to some war related violence, I realized that even in cartoon form it upsets me. The level of my reaction, however, to the animals that were casualties of the violence really surprised me. These were not only animated animals, but completely fictitious (although I did see canine resemblances in some) and I was inconsolable. It had me in tears for a full five minutes after the film ended. It is a testament to the film that I was that drawn in enough to feel for these animals, though that may or may not have been James Cameron’s intent.

Bob made me watch the credits for the disclaimer that said “No computer generated animals were injured in the making of this film”. I must have missed it, but he assured me it was there.

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  • 1 jwoap // Mar 30, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Oh my gosh — me too. I had a tough time with the whole heights thing, coupled with the fact I watched the damn movie in 3-D the ick factor and nausea were present.

    I was bummed out when the doctor died and the couldn’t save her. And yes the whole animals being hurt bothered me even though they were computer generated.

    And because I am such a nerd when they would shut the cases they went into when they became avatars reminded me of coffins and I am claustrophic.

    So I get you. Love your blog, found you from Dad Gone Mad.

    I will be back!

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